Thank you for Visiting my Blog-site!!

So here I am! Nervous and Wary yet Present and Delighted to be here sharing and exchanging positivity, wisdom, and passionate energy on a blog of my own.

This webpage is {The Portal} to P.u.r.e Yoga classes, knowledge, insights, relaxation services, new ideas, special events, and more.


Our “Free Open House & Welcome Practice” is June 2, 2012! Come explore this cozy retreat to Wellness and Empowerment for yourself.

Browse the site to learn more about sharing your practice at P.u.r.e Yoga.


My Blog

My intention is to begin my humble voyage into the blogosphere by posting a monthly blog on the 22nd day of the month. The blog will be found on this home page as well as the archives on the left hand side of the page. I will also enlighten whomsoever chooses to accompany me on this expedition to a greater understanding of all things THERAPEUTIC, NATUROPATHIC, and SPIRITUALY INTRIGING, with WWW’s {Weekly Words of Wisdom}. I will relay what I believe are tidbits of blissful consciousness. These will be words from indiscriminate sources of intellect that happen to meet me as I go through Life listening, seeing, reading, and experiencing Life’s many revelations.  WWW’s can be found at the bottom of the page in the right hand corner.

Again I thank you for your interest in P.u.r.e Yoga RVA and I hope that you will join me on the 22nd of the month as well as on the mat at P.u.r.e. Yoga.

~Namaste, Peace, Ma Salaam, Until Next Time ~


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