Two Solutions to Heal a Stressed Mind

We’re worn out, we’re tired of being tired, we have 10 million things to do that needed to be done yesterday. We have bills that are overdue, loved ones that have disappointed us, burdens on our backs that truly don’t belong to us. Let downs, insults, broken promises, and unfulfilled dreams, constantly recovering from the latest series of unfortunate events. Staying strong, trying not to drown. “Take a deep breath,” “you have to be strong,” “get control of yourself,” they say. So in search of relief and release from all the EVERYTHING, some of us cuddle up with intoxicants or strange men to help us forget our then, while making a mess of our now, and doing nothing to better our tomorrow. Some of us inhale refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, cocoa powder, pasta, breads, and ice cream, to soothe and open our hearts and minds like an asthmatic inhaling albuterol, so sad. And as for those that aren’t emotionally and physically crashing from sugar highs, or the “what I did the other night blues” we are turning to our Lord with the utmost devotion and sincerity begging, and crying with the same tears as the last “sick visit” to “The Lord is my Rock ICU”, only to thoroughly and habitually abandon our faith at the glimpse of relief until of course, we are forced to turn back with confusion crying “why me, why me” as calamity strikes again.

Personally I am a blend of the last two. Atleast I was. Recently, I came to a point in my life where I felt I needed to evolve to a new place of self control and awareness of life’s purpose. I needed to avoid these malfunctions of the mind by better understanding the process of what I am doing on this earth and why. I realized I’ve been riding on almost there for too long with my emotional and spiritual development, and then I realized using the word “trying” has been what paralyzed my progression. I am trying to be more patient, trying to avoid anger, trying to focus on MY duties regardless of the actions of others. I need to be doing, not trying. So there I was in my moment of self improvement going cold turkey and stopped all the trying. “Let me just Do this,” I said. I found that doing didn’t have the emotional burden that trying had. I know what my goals are; I already acknowledged all my commitments so now I just need to execute, no pondering or mulling over things. Practicing yoga has reinforced the feeling of free will over myself and my body, “I have control over this beautiful vessel” is what I teach myself every time I flow from downward facing dog to lunge, then fold upon myself in uttanasana, and fly gracefully into tall mountain. Yoga is all about doing, you never have to try to do a pose. You just do the pose in a way that is right for your body. This is a valuable lesson. I did not know how unaware I was of the finer details of what was happening to me from day to day until my awareness began to grow as an unexpected side effect of this beautiful practice. Today, I can see and control what I do and direct my mind fully toward the path that I believe will guide me to the best of this life and the hereafter. This is the spiritual part of yoga, not hindu practices that are often entangled with yoga or New Agers beliefs that are popular among yogis, it is the mental and physical conditioning that prepares you to more efficiently and consciously devote yourself to whatever beliefs or values you have. Through practicing, and teaching I can see yoga has a synergistic effect on the best parts of a person when practiced with intent. Establishing a consistent yoga practice can help you find success in many self improvement goals.  Look at yoga as an important life tool and find a good teacher that can bring purpose to your practice.

It’s only been a few days since I started this self improvement journey but already I feel free and light. If you can internalize these two “Rules of Adulthood” I think you will find more peace and calm in your life.

~Looking below ~

Life is a challenge, yes, but I have finally freed myself of the stress and agony that comes with viewing my reality thru a negative, ungrateful lens.  Yes I said ungrateful, not because I am selfish or not one who tries to give more than I take, but because I don’t always practice the full extent of gratefulness. I had to Go Deeper. True gratefulness is ALWAYS remembering that there are those that have less, are doing worse, and would consider the very thing that is bringing you grief as a blessing in comparison to what they are facing. You are sick, someone is sicker, they are running you ragged at work, millions have been searching for work, your husband decides to leave after 15 years of marriage, 3 children, when you’re past your prime for an unknown reason, there are women around the world sold, traded, trafficked and prostituted until they are baron and will never experience the love and care of a man nor the heartwarming moments of motherhood for 1 day let alone 15 years. When you can see something to be grateful for in even the worst circumstances, and find peace with that, then you have achieved a true state of gratefulness. Sometimes coping, and maintaining is too hard, so look to those that have less than you to allow the gratitude and renewed patience to realign you naturally.

~Never Do anything for Anyone Ever again~

Really. I mean it. Just stop it. Whoever you believe to be your God surely they reward good, and unto them you shall return so do acts of good both large and small for the pleasure of your Lord. Let the smiles and appreciation of humanity be your second reason for your goodwill. When I go out of my way to do something kind for someone it doesn’t have to be because they deserve it, because maybe they don’t. Now when they fail to show me respect and kindness in return I won’t be shaken because nothing I did was ever really for them, so what do they owe me? Do it for your Lord, and mankind will love you, and you will never be disappointed by anyone.

Please comment and share your opinions. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Let this be a humble reminder to care for your mind as well as your body. Stress is a cancer of our peaceful being and we most control it before it controls us. Every trial is a test of your will and patience so rise above it and achieve excellence as a scholar of your own mind.




~Namaste, Peace, Ma Salaam, Until Next Time~


2 thoughts on “Two Solutions to Heal a Stressed Mind

  1. In a world that celebrates the HAVES and condemns the HAVE NOTS, your words are an inspiration!!! Continue to grow; continue to encourage; continue to achieve.

    1. Thank you very much halimah66 I appreciate you reading and your kind words. Let’s all try to help each other remember what is important to HAVE so that we never feel like we are among the HAVE NOTS. Good point!

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