At PY&W Malikah Karim offers yoga & wellness services including Wellness Coaching, Private & Group Yoga Sessions, Reiki and more…

What is Yoga All About:

Yoga is a conditioning practice that promotes physical strength, flexibility, joint health and mental well being. Research has found that maintaining a regular yoga practice can help avoid injury, reduce stress, and be therapeutic for many existing aliments.

More About Our Philosophy:

We are dedicated to help make wellness attainable, accessible, and relatable to all despite background, income level, race, or religion. The techniques, remedies, and regimens, we utilize are based on results that have stood the test of time, and are researched for effectiveness and safety. Wellness for us is holistic and we try to approach all of our offerings thru a holistic lense taking into account all factors that may effect our clients reaching optimal health and wellbeing.