Malikah Karim

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I am a wife of 13 years, mother of 2 little boys, entrepreneur and God Conscious women that loves all things wellness. I don’t make unrealistic promises to people about how “I can transform your life” or how if you learn “These 3 things, you will NEVER be stressed again” nope…not me, it is more my style to tell my clients the TRUTH and help them clarify and navigate their lives & goals as informed, and empowered humans inspired to KEEP doing what needs to be done for their ultimate greatest good.

Yoga– I completed my yoga teacher training in 2011 in Richmond, VA, and have been practicing yoga for about 5 years prior to that. I teach a graceful but slowed down, and alignment focused Vinyasa/Integral style of yoga. It is important to me that I practice and teach fluidity and Mind Body awareness. Those are the tools that make this beautiful practice resonate and change lives.

Wellness Practitioner– My passion is for sharing effective natural holistic methods for living a FULFILLING, HAPPY, HEALTHY, PRODUCTIVE life with women of all kinds. My areas of strength as a practitioner and coach are:

Stress Management, Corporate Wellness, Jump-starting a New Healthy Lifestyle, Family Wellness, Happiness Coaching, and Weightloss For Women that are “more than a little overweight”.


Virginia Commonwealth University

  •   Bachelors — Biology


>     Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist (2015)

  • Pain & Posture Specialist

>      Registered Yoga Instructor (RYT) -200

>      Advance Reiki Practitioner

>      Health Coach — To Be Completed Summer 2017