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Advanced Relaxation & Reiki

Advance Relaxation & Reiki {$69 Now $59}- This 1-hr session was carefully designed by Malikah Karim E-RYT-200, to achieve deep relaxation & physical and emotional healing. This session combines: Assisted Asana (poses), Aromatherapy, Reiki, Herb Filled Eye mask, 1-on-1 guided meditation & Yoga Nidra all performed on a specialized plush mat for a magnificently rejuvenating and restful experience.

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~Relieves Stress/Anxiety
~Improves Sleep
~Great for Menopausal Symptoms
~Relieves Tension Headaches
~Helps battle Postnatal Blues
~Improves Mood & Focus
~Encourages your body back into a balanced hormonal & energetic state for optimal functioning and health.



Private Yoga Sessions {$40-$50/Session} Enjoy your very own time with Malikah for a yoga practice designed for your personalized needs, goals, and experience level.

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~Improve Posture, alignment, back and joint discomfort
~Develop core stability that will keep you healthy and strong.
~Work on advancement of physical and mental goals. Ex. Strengthening, Balance, knee care, toning, Mental Resilience, Positive Body Ideologies, and a Energy Grounding. 
~Increase awareness and connection to your energetic body and build a easy to follow meditation practice. 


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