Wellness Services

Advanced Relaxation Treatment

Advance Relaxation Treatment {$79 Now $65}- This 1-hr session was carefully designed by Malikah Karim E-RYT-200, to achieve deep relaxation & physical and emotional healing. This session combines a Personalized Yoga Practice, Assisted Asana (poses), Thai Yoga Bodywork, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Herb Filled Eye mask, 1-on-1 guided meditation & Yoga Nidra all performed on a specialized plush mat for a magnificently rejuvenating and restful experience.


~Relieves Stress/Anxiety
~Improves Sleep
~Great for Menopausal Symptoms
~Relieves Tension Headaches
~Helps battle Postnatal Blues
~Improves Mood & Focus
~Encourages your body back into a balanced hormonal & energetic state for optimal functioning and health.
Ear Candling

Ear Candling
{$25} is the holistic way of addressing common issues related to the ear. It is best defined as the non-invasive use of an ear candle to clear, open, and relieve the ear and the surrounding senses. Ear Candling is a relaxing all natural technique used for thousands of years. It can be helpful in managing symptoms caused by simple ear aches, sinus infections, and sinus pressure, aiding sinusitis, blocked energy, etc. while relieving pressure points of tension, and providing an overall more open sensory experience.


~Relieving tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
~Helps to relieve sinus pain and pressure
~Removing excess wax build up
~Assisting with relieving Swimmers’ ear
~Assisting with headaches
~Relieves severely itchy ears (often caused by yeast, mould or dairy allergies)
~Balance and rejuvenation of the equilibrium (inner ear).



Private Yoga Sessions {$40-$50/Session} Enjoy your very own time with Malikah for a yoga practice designed for your personalized needs, goals, and experience level.

~Improve Posture, alignment, back and joint discomfort
~Develop core stability that will keep you healthy and strong.
~Work on advancement of physical and mental goals. Ex. Strengthening, Balance, knee care, toning, Mental Resilience, Positive Body Ideologies, and a Energy Grounding. 
~Increase awareness and connection to your energetic body and build a easy to follow meditation practice. 


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